Water Works Park is the western most 14 acres of a 42 acre park complex know as City Beach / Lakefront Preserve / Water Works Park located on the shoreline of Lake Erie in the heart of Port Clinton, Ohio.  The open green space is bound on three sides by the Portage River, Lake Erie, and a natural preserve.


There is parking along the river which is accessible to all.  People just passing through take the time to stop and gaze at the vast horizon.  I believe that we are drawn to great open spaces like this because gazing at a horizon has a “leveling” effect on ones mind and spirit, balancing emotions and organizing thoughts.  At Water Works Park you can sit on a bench to watch the island ferries and sailboats, go pier fishing or pond fishing at the Derby Pond, walk the pier or nature trail, watch the migratory bird population or just watch a sunset.  Currently there is a ball diamond, a skateboard park, children’s swing set, picnic tables and benches.

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 Water Works Park is the place for great gatherings.  Fishing Contests host fishermen from all over the country.  In 1976 we had our first “Walleye Day”.  Memorial Day weekend the park hosts the Walleye Festival, and most recently it was the place to be to welcome the arrival of the Tall Ships for the bicentennial celebration of the Battle of 1812. 



Citizens Organized for Responsible Development (CORD) is a grass roots group of residents that formed when commercial development of Water Works Park was first proposed in 2006.  This website is presented and maintained by C.O.R.D. 



 Access to Waterworks Park and its lakefront, Port Clinton’s most valuable resource and greatest asset, should remain open and accessible for all to enjoy. 

Responsible development of the park should be connected with a comprehensive plan in architectural harmony with all of Port Clinton. 

Responsible development includes recreational, industrial, commercial, residential, and educational opportunities throughout the city.


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-Jerry Jonke-, Chairman
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